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2018- on going- Building green capacities in Macedonia - Organizing thematic workshops / conferences and trainings for green activists are realized. Three conferences were organized on the following topics:

  • Challenges for the development of ecotourism in the Municipality of Ohrid was presented by the Representative from the Municipality of Ohrid
  • Environmental protection as a prerequisite for the development of ecotourism was presented by PhD. Hristina Odzakleska, special. Environmental Protection Agency, Agency for Spatial Planning
  • Ecotourism offer in the Ohrid region, Asim Mehmedovic, director of Fibula Travel (private sector)
  • Connecting all places along the Ohrid Lake by waterway, Krste Blazeski, President of HOTAM
  • Ohrid - year-round destination, Ilina Arsova, art artist, mountaineer and promoter of active living and ecotourism

The conference "Municipalities without waste", was organized in Shtip (East Macedonia) and was opened by the Mayor of Municipality of Shtip and speakers were different representatives from the state institutions and local activists. On the event were present 95 participants.

Panel 1: Challenges for waste management in municipalities

 Introductory address was done by  Blagoj Bocvarski, Mayor of the Municipality of Stip

Waste management competences at the local level, Ph.D., Environmental Engineer Hristina Odzhaklievska

Clean streets through efficient waste collection from households, Ana Petrovska, State in the  Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Construction shot is an important resource, prof. Dr. Biljana Angjusheva, Technological Metallurgy Faculty-Skopje

Primary selection of household waste, Slagjana Stamenkova, Chairman of the Animal Commission HOME environment

 Regional Waste Management System, Anna Mazneva, Head of the Waste Management Department, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Second panel: How to  create municipalities without Waste?

Thematic group 1: Primary selection of household waste, Moderator: Slagjana Stamenkova

Thematic Group 2: Selection of a location for a regional sanitary landfill, Moderator: Anna Mazneva

 Thematic group 3: Organizing collection of household waste, Moderator: Anna Petrovska

Thematic group 4: Processing  of a construction waste, Moderator: Biljana Angjusheva

Work with the Media and use of Social Media - During the 2018, were trained 44 green activists.

On this training, the local trainer was the famous Macedonian TV presenter Ognen Janevski,and  Mirjam Tiems from Bureau De Helling as  international trainer.

"How to get green urbanism?" – Conference devoted to Skopje unlawful urbanization from the perspective of the Law on greening and its respect in different municipalities in Skopje, where the speakers were: The President of the Council of Municipality of Center the local Councillor from Gorce Petrov, Kisela Voda and Karposh and environmental expert. On the event were present 42 participants.

The speakers were discussing on various topics:

  • Current state with the urbanism in the Municipality of Karposh and other Skopje municipalities - Aleksandar Angjushev, Local Councillor in Municipality of Karposh
  • How can be prevented the implementation of harmful detailed urban plans contrary to the GUP and with the environmental provisions? - Dr. Hristina Apostolska Odzakleska, Local Councillor in Municipality of in Kisela Voda, employed in the Agency for Spatial Planning
  • What is the best practice from the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov? - Bojan Petrovski, Local Councillor in Municipality of in Gjorce Petrov
  • How to apply the concept of roof gardens with sun panels for a healthier and cheaper living? - Anna Petrovska, Eng. architect and ecologist

The conference "Four seasons ecotourism in the Ohrid region" was organized in Ohrid (west Macedonia) related to sustainable tourism promotion in the region where the speakers were the Director of the State Agency for promotion of the tourism, State Secretary from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, NGO activists from Ohrid area On the event were present 74 participants.

The speakers were discussing on various topics in two (2) panel disccusions.

First panel was devoted to the discussion: How to provide 4 seasons ecotourism in Ohrid region?

  • The Perspectives for development of ecotourism in the Ohrid region were presented by Ljupco Janevski, Director of the Agency for Promotion and Support of tourism
  • The Economic development through the development of eco-tourism and promotion of
  • protected areas was presented by Ana Petrovska, State Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
  • The topic of Creativity and culture as factors that influence development of tourism was presented by Nada Pesheva, Ministry of Culture


Second panel was devoted to: How to overcome the challenges of developing eco-tourism?

Green Institute in the past few years has built excellent working relation with several environmental networks, active on national and international level. Our collaborative approach is recognized by all organizations and instantiations with which we have cooperate to date.

2017 - Green policies as a catalyst for Macedonian democracy and quality of life – A conference with guests from the European and Macedonian Parliament with 97 participants present.

2016- The further development of Galicica - Research and public debate against the mass tourism of Galicica with 32 participants present.

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